Embroidery is so much more than the craft of decorating a piece of cloth. It tells us a story; a story of culture, history and heritage through the concept of design and colour.

Aleph Studio was incorporated with the sole aim to bring these stories to life for the modern age. Valuing tradition and heritage above all, we work with only the most skilled artisans from the field, bringing them together under one roof to preserve the art of handcrafted embroidery.

Over the past 2 years, Allia has based herself in Punjab with the hope of creating a safe space for Pakistani artisans to not only showcase their talent, but for our team to hone, nurture and develop their skills on an international scale.

“Valuing our artisans and respecting their craft is the core of our being. They are the backbone of our body of work and to preserve this legacy of our culture and heritage is paramount.”

We work closely with our team of in-house designers and artisans to develop embroidery and design concepts beginning from initial sampling right through to finished garments.

Services include:

  • Sampling
  • Pattern Cutting
  • Design/ embroidery design
  • Final Production